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  1. This is because in the case of an abortion the thing that is being aborted (depending on the timing) can potentially be considered a living being. Whereas in a vasectomy, first of all, nothing is “killed” (for a lack of a better term) but rather “cut off.” You see, a fetus (developed or not) too some is considered already a breathing a body, even when it is not. While a sperm is simply a somatic cell that can not do anything on its own and will not grow into anything beyond what it is without an egg.

    However there is also the stigma to consider that having a vasectomy is taking away one’s “manhood,” the ability to give new life. But an abortion is not taking away a new life. Though, I agree if a man is able to choose, why not a women be able to choose her own birth control (aside from getting ones tubes tied).

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