What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve neglected this site a little, but not because I haven’t been doing anything! Here’s some highlights:

Started The Game Master Codex, a podcast and blog for documenting my exploits as a Game Master.

I came out as Non-binary and to assist with that process I wrote A Guide to (My) Non-binary Identity

For the lolz I also rewrote a bunch of wedding vows to be gender-neutral and religiously agnostic.

I created a non-eurocentric system for using real-world languages as D&D languages

I wrote a short essay on Decolonizing D&D which… wasn’t received well.

I created a robust randomized D&D character generator, which I can’t share, but I can share my Character Appearance Tables!

I wrote a short story about one of my favorite characters from my campaign last year, a fanfic based on the video game Darkest Dungeon, and a bit of fiction for a flashback during a different D&D campaign.

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