Agh Moody and Weird again

I hate days like these
It’s like getting drunk
We’ll I think it is. Fuck if I know.
All inhibition is zwoop gone!
Soooooo venting time!
You’re a whiny bitch! Succchhhh a whiny little bitchhhhhh
You lot are awesome, keep up the good work despite my feeling oddly distant from you!
You are going to be learning some interesting lessons soon (We’ll see how that goes)
School is boring, work is more so
You are suspiciously great. Remind me to monitor the situation closely to prevent future catastrophes.
Everyone is a bunch of idiots except a handful of people. I sure wish I knew them.
Adults are not adults because of their wisdom or maturity, rather just their age.
Hunter is a bitch (oooohhhh got fucking name specific that time!)
Oh and whatever you do don’t get a tumblr! That’d be too much of a time suck. You don’t have time for that. Except when you’re being tired and moody. Also I’ve given up the search. They deserve their privacy or at least she does. I don’t wanna be an asshole about this.
I’m not meant for normality. Girls shouldn’t ask me for their number. That’s not something that happens to me. Not me. No. Stop universe.
I hate when people complain about being lonely. That being said:
I make a shitty boyfriend. Gotta keep telling myself that.