Freelance Services

Short-Form Writing

  • Social Media Posts – Multiple years spent at small companies working on digital marketing campaigns
  • Speeches/Presentations (under 1000 words)– Trained in public speaking; ran two clubs in college where I’d give introductions to guests and the agenda for the evening.

Long-form Writing

  • Articles– Spent a year working at a small media site where I did brief entertainment news articles. I also helped promote a non-profit by writing local-interest articles.
  • Long-form Marketing (Newsletters, Press Releases)- Applied my marketing experience to handle website updates for the last couple companies I worked for.
  • Speeches/Presentations- Been doing panels at conventions at years, usually in the field of “edu-tainment,” but in college I also did a few sales pitches that were well received. Outlines available on request.
  • Fiction Commissions- Both educated and experienced in writing short stories and flash fiction. Specialties are fantasy, horror, and surrealism. Samples found here.
  • Media Reviews- Have a movie, play, podcast, or webcomic you want reviewed? Well I’ve been reviewing media since high school, as this site documents. Most recent work found here and at my letterboxd.


  • Proofreading- A simple spelling, grammar, and consistency check. Technically the work I have the least experience with, but that’s only because I much prefer the extra feedback that copyediting offers me.
  • Copyediting Proofreading but also with feedback on sentence structure, general clarity, and fact-checking (if applicable). I’ve been an editor working with inexperienced writers both for long-form articles and short-form news updates.
  • Structural Editing- Copyediting, but also with re-organization, elimination of repetition, and new content additions/recommendations.

For a recent illustration of my editing work, here’s an original draft of a tabletop rpg and here’s the revised draft I turned in after about five hours of work.

For questions/inquiries, email Expect a response within 24 hours. For my services related to my tabletop rpg work, be sure to check out my Paid GM Services page!