A Hitchhikers guide to the 3 Ls

I am constantly changing. My likes, dislikes, thoughts, personality are all constantly in flux based on what shows, events, and people are around me. It’s hard to have constant thoughts about someone when your thoughts aren’t constant. It’s also not helped when you have no absolute faith. I believe in only one absolute, that there are no absolutes. And this leads to a shattering of faith in both people and the future. I may never be absolutely sure of my future with someone, but I can still have wants and desires of the future. I may never absolutely trust someone, but that doesn’t mean I don’t share my most private thoughts with them. It’s a give and take system for the most part, I need some give before I’m willing to give back. That being said, my ultimate goal when it comes to people is to find that person to anchor me down, to be constant among my inconsistencies. Someone to share life, love and laughter with. Someone I can take to a con, someone who will at least feign interest in the latest anime that consumes me, someone who will listen to the ravings of a madman and give honest feedback. Someone who can postulate on the theories presented in a sci-fi movie. Have I found that person? Again, no absolutes, but I at hope that I have.
Hmmmm not sure if these ramblings accomplished anything, but I hope that some bit of the convuluted war between emotion and logic in my head has been conveyed through this.

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