Trigun Review/Thoughts

A fantastic 26 episode anime made by the kick-ass studio Mad House!
Following the adventures of Vash the stampede, Trigun is an anime all about life/death and family.
With a score of unique side characters that have almost as much development as the main character, Trigun is as much a character study as it is an action-fest.
The animation is for the most part beautiful, despite it’s simplistic style. There are plenty of times where you can see the budget and it can be distracting, but it’s still enjoyable and well worth the unique and carefully crafted environments.
The characters designs are unique and mostly kickass, particularly in the case of Vash himself. While another standout is the preacher, whose outrageously large gun is a treat to see him wield.
The voice-acting is not noticeable, which means that it’s amazing. All the characters are well voiced to the point of feeling completely natural. Only a few extras are poorly acted.
The plot is lengthy and evolving, climaxing not in one episode or a multi-parter, but instead a series of episodes that test vash and push him to the limits. As with most anime, the ending could have been better, but it was pretty good considering.
So should you watch it?
There are so many jawdroppingly awesome moments, it’s no wonder that this is considered a classic anime.
It’s currently on netflix instant.