I’m soooooo fucking bored

You would think college life would be… interesting, but nope I am sitting here ready to just hit my head against a wall because I’m without a project to keep myself mentally stable.
I can’t edit the video review I have recorded because the colleague who has it is as incompetent as can be.
I can’t film a new review because I don’t have a camera I can get good footage off of.
I can’t practice the violin because my friend might have been an idiot and taken it to another state
I can’t draw, or do a puzzle, or play video games because I’ve already been doing that for toooooo fucking long.
I can do homework, but then I’ll just be in the same predicament later.
Does anyone want me to review something?
Does anyone want me to make a video out of a previous review even though it would be the format of The Conjuring Review where you never see me?
I’ll do any movie, I’ll do a 3 episode review of any tv show or anime. Hell depending on the anime I might just do the whole fucking thing!
I don’t know I’m just ranting cause I’m booorrrreeeeddddd