Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!
It’s been a great year. The blog has changed from my random thoughts to more review orientated, but despite that I still owe it to the most wonderful woman in the world that I started this gig.
Happy Anniversary of me being infatuated with you.
I hope we have a lifetime more of infatuation and quirky blogging!
Love You! (I was gonna post something to this effect anyways but the anniversary is a happy coinkydink)

To Scott…

Today may not have been about you as much as it should have been, but that doesn’t mean I’ll EVER forget you or ignore you, even if you don’t care.
Suicide is a mistake, and it causes so much pain, but it can also cause greatness.
You caused us a lot of pain, but I hope you take comfort in that while I wish you were still here, your death sparked many great things in my life. It taught me about people, life, death and everything inbetween so that I could make a difference. Like I did tonight.
I toast my imaginary beer to you and with a loud belch proclaim that I am and will always be your nephew.