Game Master Panel (Anime Midwest 2018)

I’d reiterate my notes, but really the best thing you can do is check out the great people in the GM Advice section below! Thanks for coming!

GM Advice:
Matt Colville
Adam Koebel
Dael Kingsmill
Game Master’s Journey
The GM’s Guide
Dragon Talk
Master of the Game (by Gary Gygax)

RPG Play Shows (There’s way more. I just don’t watch them):
The Adventure Zone
Critical Role
Dungeons, Dice, & Everything Nice

2C Gaming (2D Maps and miniatures)

Noble Knight Games
Troll and Toad
Miniature Market
D&D Collector’s Series
Arcknight 2D Minis
Printable Heroes

How to design a town
Random City Generator
Fantasy Calander Generator

Dungeon Master 101
Alternate Initiative System
Running a solo boss
The Overland Travel Montage
Major Injuries Table

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