Because I’m on a roll

Everyone know what the Butterfly effect is?
No not that shitty Ashton Kutcher movie
It’s a “theory” about time travel basically stating that if you went into the past and killed a butterfly, when you went back to the present the world would be different.
It’s basically stating that everything is connected and that the smallest thing can impact everything over time.
People continously underestimate the Butterfly effect when I bring it up or try to explain it to them. It’s every moment of their lives and they don’t see it.
I see it.
I also am incapable of denying possibilities.
So when it comes to a decision like “Do you want to go to the Beach?” the answer isn’t simple unless I just shut off and ignore the world.
At the beach I could… meet my future wife, gain the inspiration that impacts a major screenplay I write or just simply, I get sunburned. That sunburn means that I’m not as able to sleep that well. The next day my response time is slower and I lose a video game. I play that game for an hour longer, meaning I don’t eat. Later I snarf down a bad… something, because I’m hungry and get sick. That sickness means I miss out on helping my friends decide to have a party or not. That party doesn’t happen, meaning 2 people don’t get into a car afterwords and get in a car accident.
No that’s not for certain, I can’t see the future, but imagine the stress caused by having every decision of your life be the most importent one too.
I can tune it out most of the time, but some days I just can’t and simple things become life altering events that honestly scare me.
sooo yeah, this time you spent reading this post means that you check CNN later, meaning you see the weird story of the day and when that conversation at that gathering later reaches an akward silence, you’ll have a story to tell. You’re welcome.
Oh and you’re also welcome for the good conversation starter with that date you have tonight. No, I’m not proud you told your cat about this go home.
I just changed your life.

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