Here’s a shot glass full of story that I wrote at 1 in the morning and in about 20 minutes
See if you can guess what it’s about

Darkness… complete and consuming…
Then a fire, rage and hunger growing… taking shape…
It fills me, courses through my… veins…
Desire… the fire blazes and in that blaze I am shot out like ash back into the… darkness.
My eyes are open, but I can’t see anything…
Where… I lift my arms… but they go nowhere… I can move but I can’t move…
Then it hits me… The memories flood back… Mom… School… Sherry… but Something’s missing… Like a movie with no sound…
Wait, there’s something else missing. Is it a sound?
I need to get out…need to escape…
A feeling?
But… I… can’t… MOVE
The rage releases itself and I lash out
Through the wall and into
The soft covers my head and fills my mouth
It swallows me up
It tastes bad
It tastes
I should spit it out…
I don’t need to
Why not?
I fight
The hunger takes its form
I burst through
I hear them
I feel the air
I see…
I hear
A drumming
All around me
But not in me
I want it
In me
I need it
In me

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