Red Queen Analysis

I’ve been watching a version of Alice in Wonderland (no not the one your thinking of, no not that one either) and the Red Queen posed an interesting analysis.

She can’t stand ridicule, wigging out when Alice points out a fallacy she stated. She uses “Off with their head” for every situation, showing that she’s lashing out.

I can’t help but draw parrallels to an individual who had low self-esteem and would lash out online at those she felt did her wrong. The queen is just like this, showing herself to have low self esteem by being so concious of her image. The difference is that she’s in a position of power, so that her outburts aren’t text on a screen, but people’s lives.

Her idiot obediant husband could bean example of how she domineers over everything in her life in order to feel some sense of control over her life that has apparently up to this point been damaging…

we’ll see how the other versions portray her…

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