You guys got me!

Oh man you guys got me!
What trolls!
I was soooo mad!
I totally just realized that nobody could be that stupid in real life!
Nice joke, guys! You totally got us!
LAL K @ me!
I apologize to anyone who saw yesterday’s post! I was so mad! Hey, if anyone got the wrong impression, I’m sorry!
Oh man, “grow up, okay?” I can’t believe I fell for that!
No one… and I mean no one is that stupid or that cruel!
LAL, nice one…

Anon Bitches!

In response to a post that intotheocean made about some of the problems she’s been having recently with her depression and other problems.
actual k at you.

Anonymous asked

Is that supposed to be a comeback of some sort?

Smooth Ivy, way to use your catchphrase in your ANONYMOUS post!

why do you have ptsd? what traumatic event happened to you? im truly just wondering bc i want to help
Anonymous asked

Certain people have done certain things to me and it would be much easier to tell you if it was in person. I’d rather not talk about specifics here.

I don’t know, kelly. you seem like the kind of girl who would make up all these issues to have people feel bad for you. i dont think you actually have ptsd or ocd, because i have them and they’re REAL, they aren’t ‘slight’. i just find it weird that you think it’s a big deal when your problems seem so small and the biggest problem you have is probably not so big at all

Anonymous asked

How do you know what my “actual” problem is? Just because I’m Not YOU doesn’t mean I dont face the same issues as you. Everybody’s different yes, and therefore people have different symptoms of similar things and I’m sorry that I *can’t* have the same issues as you, that’s really selfish. Also, yes there is such thing as having slight disorders…maybe I should have used the word “developing” instead of “slight.” Maybe i hide things better than other people with the same issues. I don’t tell many people these things and that’s why not many people know about them. That’s also why use my blog to rant. I dont know how to prove to you that my therapist and psychiatrist have told me the things i ranted about. When did I ever say those things weren’t “real”? If you don’t like it, then unfollow me. Why the hell would I make something like that up? That’s sick.

There are varying degrees and types of both PTSD and OCD, as well as depression. As someone who suffers from REAL ptsd or ocd, I would think you would know that… Methinks you should check your facts before you post?

way to pull a kelly.

splash-of-the-ocean asked

Good job being anon..

Way to pull a “Really nice person”, ouch what a insult!

splash-of-the-ocean said: I didn’t want to be anon. I am open to saying I think you’re a bad person.

And I’m open to saying your a bitch!

maybe that girl didnt mean to be anon? someone needs to tell you how fake you are one of these days. nice try having problems though, it’s real cute
Anonymous asked

You guys aren’t phasing me at all, I hope you know that…

A comment on fakeness, from the person who remains anonymous on the internet? Oh yeah, and nice try thinking your important, it’s real cute.

“you guys”? i dont even know that girl it just so happens that LOTS OF PEOPLE THINK THIS WAY

Anonymous asked

“You guys” implies multiple people… And what other people think about me is not my business or problem.

A lot of people huh? Looking at the recent posts, I would argue the contrary… It seems to be just the two of you, looking at your typing patterns…gosh it must suck to be a fucking minority.

Sorry that you lie about being raped and abused. there are people who have actually had those things happen to them, and have to deal with everyday problems because of them. no one is going to feel sorry for you so stop the lies.splash-of-the-ocean asked

I’ve never said I’ve been raped or abused… And I’m not so thick as to know that this kind of stuff happens everyday to people. I’m not looking for people to feel sorry for me, I’m venting to my blog. I’m not lying about anything.

First of all, there are different kinds of abuse. Second, when did she say she was raped? Third, most of the people I’ve met who’ve gone through traumatic experiences usually try to help people with similar problems, no matter the scale, not lash out at them. I’m curious, is it just lashing out because you want to protect N, are you jealous of kelly, or are you just a bitch? You are right though, I don’t feel sorry for kelly, I feel sorry for you.

LOL but you HAVE lied about being raped and abused, and it’s JUST like you to come back and say you havent. but everyone knows what youve said and what youve lied about. and now you’re trying to deny it. I have been raped, I have been abused. you think i like sitting here listening to your whiny self go on and on about it when its not even true? no, i dont. grow up, okay?
Anonymous asked

How would you know what has and has not come out of my mouth, since you very clearly aren’t me? How do you know what is and what isn’t like me since, again, you very clearly aren’t me. The answer is that you DON’T. You don’t know what has happened to me either, since you’re not living my life. You say how I’m an attention seeker and everything but YOUR’E the one that’s giving me all the attention here on tumblr. As I said in an earlier post, if you don’t like what I put on here then unfollow me. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the number of followers I have because this blog is for me, not you. It’s how I choose to express myself. What you think about me is not my problem, nor will it ever be. Haters gonna hate, and I don’t even care. It’s my life, not yours. What I choose to do with it does not affect you at all. You’re wasting your time if you’re just trying to aggravate me or stop me from posting my thoughts and feelings. It won’t work.

See comments above, but also QUIT WHINING! God, if you don’t like reading her “whines” then stop. No one is forcing you! Oh and the person who claims that there problems are more important then other peoples problems is trying to tell someone to grow up? Classy, real fucking classy…

why don’t you keep on freaking out? it’s super funny

Anonymous asked

I’m not freaking out. Just answering stuff.

You know what I find super funny? You! Because your a pathetic maggot who is using shitty nonsensical slang and preschool taunts to “get someone mad.” Oh yeah well…uh, uh, uh, K AT YOU!! No wait that’s something you would say!
Let me rephrase…
Both of you are individuals who need to move on. We tried to back away, but you kept coming at us. You send all these insults her way, but then get so mad when she fights back. She’s trying to live her life and you refuse to let her alone. You know…that sounds remarkably similar to abuse…but then, Hey! There’s only one kind of abuse right? It’s ok if it’s on the internet! Wrong, you hypocritical jackasses whose behavior is starting to become remarkably similar to the one you’re trying to protect, or seek revenge for. I guess, N, that you and N really are made for each other! N&N in hell forever!


Tomorrow’s a new day…and not neccesarily one I’m looking forward to…
Whether I like it or not, it’s a new chapter… a very tiring chapter…
Then again, maybe it won’t be so bad…
Or will it be the same mistake I’ve made before…

Amityville 2: The Possession

Yeah, this movie sucks… Following a change in style akin to Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Amityville becomes a possession story and not a haunting story. In the end, it leaves a bad Exorcist rip-off taste in your mouth.
Don’t get me wrong, this is a fun movie to watch…at first
But at about the hour mark, it begins to feel reallllllllllllllyyyyyyyy loooooong. It was the most gruelling viewing experiences I’ve had…in a week, but it’s still bad!
That’s about the point where the movie shifts not only gears, but protaganists.
Oh yeah and did I mention incest? The daughter has sex with the possessed brother!!!! Willingly!!!
Soooooo wrong…
The movie’s fun if you’re with a group of friends, but by no means feel bad about turning it off at the hour mark, because the payoff is not worth the wait.