I Love Hypocrites!

From intotheocean10.tumblr.com

That awkward moment when you post about someone staying faithful when you don’t know how too….
Anonymous asked

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You’re seriously playing the “unfaithful” card!!!! On the girl that stuck with your bullshit for a year and a half!!!! You!! Who had his arms around another girl 2 weeks after your break-up!!! Oh come now….that’s just sad… Awwwww, are we running out of mean things to say… Better start pulling out the shakespearian insults!

But the cherry on top of this sundae of fun was the blogger’s response!

A few things… 1. Why do you care? Are your own insecurities so bad that you have to bully somebody (and not even to their face)? I feel bad for you. 2. You obviously don’t know me very well if you claim I was “unfaithful.” 3. Who are you to judge what I know and don’t know how to do? 4. Thanks for all the attention you’ve been giving me recently 😉

Also, that awkward moment when you don’t even use correct grammar… Hahaha.”

Ooooooooh, ouch, talk about WINNING THE BREAK-UP!!!! Go cry to your facebook friends, you bloody ponce!

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