Black Hand


A few mates of mine have started up a supernatural found-footage vlog series in the style of shows like Marble Hornets. It’s a project I’m very excited about, and not just because I’ll be helping out in a month or two!
They’re only a couple episodes in, so pardon the slowness of the entries, but rest assured shit will be hitting the fan soon!
You can find their channel HERE

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Oh god…

I went through all my posts and realized that this blog is 50% sub-par to mediocre reviews and 40% useless and redundant tumblr questions. The rest is random posts about things only I would understand or sappy romantic gushing. Why the hell would anyone read all this?


This has been a really bad week. Lots of rage and words that shouldn’t be expressed in a public forum.
It’s really hot and I wish I had AC but I know I technically can’t afford it, especially since I can technically live without it.
Why can’t I be creative. I’m so jealous of everyone and I want to be better but I haven’t had a usuable idea yet. I know I shouldn’t push it but I really would like to be creative for once.
Repeating “Green is not a creative color.” over and over probably isn’t healthy.
I almost wish I had someone to talk to about all this, but at the same time the chemistry isn’t quite right with anyone yet. It really sucks not being able to keep track of my thoughts because mood swings are a fucking thing. I know I’m not stable but that doesn’t mean I know what to do about it. I can still function so that’s all that matters. It’ll pass probably just keep popping pills. Wheeeee
I mean I like being a critic and all but it’d be nice to actually put something out that not only I can be proud of but people can like as well. But no I’ll probably just spend my life admiring others creativity. I’ll do my duty.
Green is not a creative color. Apparently walking around in a circle for 15 minutes with a knife in your hand doesn’t spur creativity either.
Random thoughts are random because pop culture reference.
It’ll pass probably. Plus I shouldn’t get too invested, I’ll just stop caring someday anyways. That’s apparently how that works. So many potentials, no possibilities. It’s most annoying.
Nice to be included, but I can’t be by myself as long for some reason.
Fuck you trying to sound smarter then you are.
and Fuck you for being dumb.
and Fuck you for not firing me yet, despite the fact I’m utterly useless to you.
Fuck everything.
I need a haircut.
Thanks for tuning in. This was your friendly reminder that this is a personal blog and I can’t possibly be professional all the time.
Green is not a creative color. All the boys love mandy lane. Mandy lane loves all the boys. Green does not love all the boys. Mandy lane is creative, but not me.
Pleasant nightmares everyone.


To all Animinneapolis and Anime Central attendees who have stopped by my site post-panel!
Thanks again for attending and I hope to see you at other panels I do at future conventions!
Hinthint I’m working on a panel about being a critic on the internet right now
Anyways if you want to check out more of my stuff in the upcoming weeks, not to mention the great work of my coworkers then by all means please head on over to Geek Juice Media!

Lost in the Static is Awesome!

Lost in the Static is truly one of the greatest podcasts I’ve ever listened to and it’s taught me about media approximately the same amount a year of college has. The hosts are interesting and knowledgable, not to mention controversial. If your commute to work or school needs some entertainment then check them out here:

If you like them then please sponsor them! I strongly believe in supporting artists and with the amount of content they’ve provided me it’s well worth it. Donate here:

Check them out on Facebook!

An update

So I got my reviews looked at by a professional and he basically reinforced what I had already been thinking. that my work was overly long, convoluted, and generally unprofessional. Now that’s all fine and dandy for a blogger, but I have greater aspirations and due to this I’ll be taking a small hiatus to figure out my new style. Today’s review was the last I had in the backlog and I’m not proud of it, but it’s not too bad. Anyways I’m not sure how long this hiatus will be, but if you’re looking for great reviews head over to

It’s my day

Hey so my laserdisc player came in the mail today and it still works so yay. While I was rendering files I discovered and immediately ordered cables so that I can hook my vhs and laserdisc player up to my monitor and headphones. I may have found someone to critique my work so you guys can get better reviews. My gift for my girlfriend was also in that laserdisc package and it’s pretty cool and I like it.
So yeah… Felt like saying that
Not that you guys care

I’m probably going to get shit for this but…

In the wake of the Bill Nye/whats-his-face debate I wrote this angry rant and I have the weird indescribable need to publish it so here it goes:
If I’m raised on Cat in the Hat as a religious text that doesn’t mean that my belief that cats can talk is a fact. So don’t try to tell me that your beliefs are facts either. Don’t try to tell me that something must exist because I can’t prove it doesn’t exist. Don’t tell me not to teach evolution because it’s false and tell me to teach creationism instead. Evolution may have it’s faults, but at least it’s based in observational science. It may branch into theoretical science and therefore have potential falsehood, but at least its not a belief based on a book. The only “evidence” used to support creationism are arguments against evolution. But if we assume evolution is wrong, that doesn’t prove that creationism is right. Science can be as much of a religion as religion, but at least it’s based on observations, not parables. And lets assume we teach creationism in schools because it’s as viable a theory as creationism, well in that case we have to every version of creationism. Native American, Norse, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian. If we tell kids that god created the earth in 7 days then we also have to tell them that it rests on the back of a giant turtle. So pardon me if I choose to teach a scientific THEORY in a science class and leave creationism to the religious leaders.